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29.10.2011 menion Blog

Welcome to first post on new Locus homepage

Hope you’ll like it. We’re preparing (finally) some working manual together with many useful tips for Locus features that are working, but don’t have any documentation or have only some simple information on forum.

Anyway this is not main reason for this post (to celebrate new pages). Main reason are as usually … maps.


Because Locus community still grow, number of active users grow, and also overloading of used map servers is growing. I’m sure you already noticed some problems on Classic OSM server. News, is completely blocked access to German style OSM maps. Interesting is, that even when Locus is following all requirements and terms of use of OSM servers (like attribution, valid HTTP user agent, limited downloading and disabled downloading of certain zoom levels), it still cause troubles to some servers. Reason is quite enormous number of active users and also users that download maps that even don’t need.

So since 1.14.0 version, all downloading limits are reduced for OSM maps from 25 000, to 10 000 tiles per day. This affect also external maps added by your own. If you’re adding your own server (for this purpose is ability to add external servers in Locus), add to http header comming from your server also locus_disable_download_limit:true, which will disable downloading limits for your own server and increase number of threads to 3!!

If you’re satisfied Locus user (and don’t want to have reduced downloading), you have to keep current version (1.13.6 – which is anyway without serious issues and fully working). If you update, you agree with these changes. It’s on your own decision. If you want maps, best is to create own OSM vector maps by this manual. You’ll have them for free and without harming any web servers!

And why am I warning you before update when I want to reduce downloading? I’m sure that for many of you, this will not be a problem. And also thanks to this downloading limits, overloading of servers will be reduced. I’m also preparing own OSM server that I hope will be ready till end of November so this will compensate some downloading problems! Also please note once again, that method for adding custom online maps, is created for adding own servers. If you want to use any other map server, read first terms of use of this server and try not to violate it.


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  • The info on this post is valuable.

  • I switched from Backcountry Navigator as I could never get the Mobile Atlas Creator to work for downloaded maps. The tools for downloading maps in Locus Pro are far more intuitive and superior in most ways. I need downloaded maps as I am with disaster and search and rescue teams and often have to navigate without cellphone coverage. In particular, I want to download the topographic maps for my primary service area, so I can respond to a search and rescue operation without having to take the time to download.
    I would like some way to download maps covering a large area with multiple zooms. But the should be downloaded separately, in a grid, such that:
    1. There is no overlap between the downloaded maps. One might specify the boundaries of the downloaded map area by latitude and longitude, “snapping” to boundaries of the biggest map tiles. This would prevent downloading the larger tiles in multiple files. This would cut down the size of downloaded maps.
    I would also like to:
    2. View an overview of multiple downloaded maps to make sure that there are no overlaps and no areas that have not been downloaded.
    2. Backup the downloaded maps to my PC. And,
    3. Be able to rename the downloaded maps.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    • menion

      Hello Keith,
      glad you like. Anyway some points you want cannot be done in android application. Mainly overview is big problem due to memory limits (that’s why zoom-lock works only for one zoom level in direction to lower zoom). Anyway if you want cover big area by offline maps, I really suggest using vector maps (from addon or created by yourself) that have much less size and may cover huge areas. In case you want SQLite maps, I suggest to download them with mobac (download RMaps format if locus is not still in list of formats) or download all parts of your map into single map in Locus …

      If you have some specific questions, I suggest to ask on forum, where some users should have some tips for you (mainly because I’m quite satisfied with vector maps so I don’t use classic map downloading anymore)

  • Matthew

    I don’t understand. I have reinstalled 1.13.6 from a Titanium backup but it still won’t let me download OSM tiles. I thought you said 1.13.6 could still continue to do this?

    • menion

      Hello Matthew,
      no, OSM Classic server is disabled for a longer time. Why is this? You may read some more information here!i!/diary/15190 where is nice description together with some stats. I’m currently working on own Locus map server that will serve only to Locus users, so I hope that till end of month it will be on and working

  • prokop

    it’s a great application!!! 10*
    thank you menion&Co