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Vector maps (BETA release)

17.7.2011 menion Blog

After almost month of testing of vector maps by Locus community (on Locus forum) I decided to publish these maps in BETA version also into market release (to version 1.9.1). I’m sure that maps are now fully usable and well working. So why this BETA there?BETA in this case mean few things. First is that it was not tested by many people so I wanted to know some reactions from not-experienced Locus users. Second, more important thing for me, was to check if actual download mechanism will work.

And this second part seems to be problem. I just wanted to be map distribution as cheap as possible, so whole downloading was done from public directory of DropBox. Unfortunately, there is so many users now, that after less then a day after release, DropBox blocked this folder. So this is not a way how to do this.

Current solution: since version 1.9.2, downloading mechanism in application will be removed. Anyway maps will still be fully usable and working for free in Pro and also in Free version. Until I find any working solution, it’s up to you to create maps by your own thanks to this manual or by downloading from any share place. I also suggest to share maps by some service between users in this prepared topic.

Future solution: This is actually in stars. Vector maps support will now remain in BETA version until I find any working solution for distributing. There are also some problems like missing auto-switch to another map, some drawing problems, missing offline address search etc., so I hope that this “issues” will be solved thanks to amazing work of guys from MapsForge, till BETA version will be published as fully working!

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