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Small survey

12.6.2011 menion Blog

Good day to all. As you noticed, Locus is very actively developed. To be true, I also canceled few of my projects and now, I”m more then before focused on Locus. So good for you. More time on Locus, means of course better and more feature rich application.

I have a lot of feedback from amazing community on Locus forum. Anyway, most of people who communicate with me on forum are more then beginners with android and also Locus. But I need to know some feedback also from “basic” people who do not communicate on forum, but also are very important for me. So I prepared simple form with a few questions, which will take you no more then 5 minutes to fill.

You”ll be asked on this survey also after 5th start of Locus since new version (that will appear on market during next few days), so If you fill it here, you can skip link from application.

I”ll also post some results from this later, to let you know, what others want and also, what I”ll probably do in next weeks.

So thanks all for your time, stay tuned, enjoy Locus during coming summer and please fill this questionnaire!

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