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Locus Does Not Run Since Update Device To Android 4.4.2 KitKat

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Locus error message - Android KitKat
  • Problem

After upgrade on Android 4.4.2 Locus does not run correctly. Crash or does not run either.


Unfortunately, Android 4.4.2 has a new feature, that prevent all installed application from writing data on external SD card. Locus cannot correctly store and read your maps, points or tracks if are stored on SD card. For this reason Locus is not able to start.


Who is involved

  • Current Locus users are affected (issue does not affect new users)
  • Only devices with SD card are influenced.
  • The issue does not occur on devices with custom ROM


Solution A – Suggested solution for all devices

Solution B – Use special private folder on SD card

Solution C – How to leave my maps on external SD card

Solution D – Devices with ROOT permission

Solution E – Sony devices with pre-installed File Commander App

A. Move Locus to the internal storage

  • Install arbitrary Android file manager – for example ES File Explorer
  • Open it and go to your external SD card (often marked as sdcard1)
  • Long tap on Locus folder and choose Copy
Long tap on Locus folder

Long tap on Locus folder

Copy Locus folder to the internal storage

Copy Locus whole Locus folder to the internal storage

  • Navigate to the internal memory (often marked as sdcard0) and Paste Locus folder
Paste Locus folder on internal storage

Paste Locus folder on internal storage

  • Check that process was successful and you can see all Locus data on internal storage
  • Pull out the external SDcard from phone and connect it with to your notebook or desktop computer
Rename Locus folder on SDcard

Rename Locus folder on SDcard

  • Remove (or rename for safety) Locus folder on external SDcard. The goal is to have only one folder Locus that is located on internal storage

B. Move Locus and maps into private folder on SDcard

Every app on Android have own special folder on SDcard which is writable only for this app.So it seems like the best solution how to place map on SDcard on KitKat. But Locus (in default) does not use it because there are two main weakness:

  • All content of this folder will be automatically deleted when you uninstall Locus. So all your maps will be deleted when you decide to unintall Locus app
  • Locus free and Locus Pro can not share data because every app has seperate folder app

Anyway if you decide to use it follow steps:

  • Open Locus > Menu > Settings >Miscellaneous >Set Root directory
  • Select path which contain “menion.android.locus.xxxx”

Move Locus root folder to the private SDcard folder

  • Confirm and close Locus
  • Connect SD card to the PC and move whole “Locus” folder to the directory defined in previous step
  • Start locus

C. How to leave my maps on external SD card

Locus personal maps and Locus vector maps can be stored in external directory on SD card. Please follow steps bellow:

  • Connect card to the PC and create arbitrary folder on the SDcard for your maps e.q. MyLocusExternMaps
  • Move maps from folders (Locus/maps and Locus/mapsVector) to the folder MyLocusExternMaps
  • Move folder Locus from SDcard to the internal memory. (Without map files)
  • Start Locus (choose internal folder)
  • Open Menu > Maps > From top right menu choose “Add Maps” > Add > navigate to the folder MyLocusExternMap and tap on “checkmark” in top panel

The result is that the Locus working directory will be placed on internal memory and all maps will located in external folder on SDcard. This issue is also described in article: Saving offline maps on SD-card under Android 4.4 (KitKat)

D. Rooted devices

  • In case that your device is rooted you can fix it by editing the system configuration
  • Install application SDFix and perform the system changes
  • After that simply start Locus

For more information please see:

Why Locus developers didn’t fix it?

Every application can create own package-specific directories on SD card and use it for writing the own data – see point B. Unfortunately there are more reason why this solution is not suitable for Locus app.

  1. Locus has more then one version where every version has special package name (it has to be), which means every version will have own unique directory.
  2. These directories are automatically removed after you un-installation of Locus app. This is not convenient in case that you can have GBytes of map files


General information about this issue


E. Sony devices with preinstalled File Commander App

The latest Sony devices have installed File Commander app. This application has permission for write/remove data from SD card. For this reason you can move using this app whole Locus folder from SDcard to the internal storage

  • Open File Commander app and go to your external SD card
  • Select Locus folder and from bootom panel choose Cut
  • Navigate to the internal memory and choose Paste
Locus folder from Sd card
Sony kitkat paste Locus

Please note: if you get warning that File Commander has no permission for writing to the SDcard then use Solution A.

This article was written by Voldy


LKMarch 12, 2014 at 14:36Reply

I’m not Android developer, but AFAIK there are already available applications (non-system, not-rooted) which are able to write (delete, rename) files on external SD card. Hope you will investigate in this ‘issue’ to find some solution for Locus to work again with SD card.

BTW: no problems with Locus moved to internal storage so far (on Galaxy Note 3, KitKat).

Just FYI, thanks for great product anyway!!

VoldyMarch 12, 2014 at 14:42Reply

can you give me please some example, please? We’d like to solve it, so every idea is welcome. Maybe additional note: Application can save data into private folder managed by Android system. But this is not applicable to Locus because we need/want to have data in folder called Locus.

ArctiaMarch 31, 2014 at 14:09Reply

Latest (3.1.1) version of ES File Explorer can create or write to any folder on extSD. Previous can’t – verified. :-)

VoldyApril 1, 2014 at 09:22Reply

It seems that ES File Explorer uses probably some hack via the media content files. We’ll be watching it.
Thank you

keithMarch 12, 2014 at 19:28Reply

Locus Map do you developers read the release notes? All you have to do is create a sub folder in your applications folder on the external sdcard and everything will work fine. For example:

Android/data/com.locus android/files

Downloaded maps etc go into the files sub folder and everything will work just fine.

Simply update your app to the new requirements

menionMarch 13, 2014 at 08:33Reply

Hello Keith,

thank you for you comment. I’ll forward this discussion on Google+ ( https://plus.google.com/118282045438155427142/posts/JCAER8nGWAW ) to keep it on one place.

bugfixMarch 26, 2014 at 21:27Reply

hey devs,

the current version only works with locus on internal storage (sd)? why you dont check if device is rootet or not? i can’t copy locus folder to the internal storage because there is no more space.

this is a dissatisfying situation :(

VoldyApril 1, 2014 at 09:05Reply

please see section Solution C – Devices with ROOT permission in this article. Users with rooted devices don’t need to move data into internal memory. You only need to change android permission.

FrankJanuary 31, 2015 at 18:13Reply


in the screen shot in solution B above all 3 options point to /storage/emulated/0 which are all on the INTERNAL memory. This is exactly the situation on my device, there is no …menion.android.locuspro… path that resides on the external SD. In fact, there is no Android/data folder on my external SD card at all.
Is there anything I did wrong?

VoldyFebruary 4, 2015 at 09:24Reply

Hello Frank,
in first step please set new root directory in Menu > Settings >Miscellaneous >Set Root directory. After that check your SDcard if mentioned folder exists.