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Version 1.14.4

20.11.2011 menion Blog

Good day to all,

I have here few important news for you about recent update

Summary: download Vector maps and enjoy Locus

  1. After communication (also personal face2face) with people from ESRI, we discovered that ArcGIS maps terms of use was wrongly understand by me (they’re really very complicated). They can be placed only in completely free application (also without ads), so removed for now. On solution is working together with people from ESRI. Are you interested in these maps either?
  2. As a compensation for this, I have together with Matthias (mainly) prepared Vector maps for download from here. It’s current set of Vector maps available also from addon. Together with this I added caching of generated vector maps, so it should be little bit faster (for already viewed parts) and also loaded cached maps are not count to limitations (500 tiles per session) of Free version!
  3. Maps I generate, are pre-prepared on CloudMade server. Unfortunately after I generated whole set of new maps, I discovered that their last update is from 16. August! So sorry, new bunch of maps will be delayed because as I see, I cannot rely on fresh updates so I have to cut planet file by my own.
  4. Also one warning. During changes in import system and also some improvements on background of map drawing, there may be some mistakes. Every error report is welcome and expect fast update if any critical error occur!

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  • pepe0001

    What if Locus could pay for a license and include it with the Pro version? But at $4000/yr you’d have to earn quite a bit from the Locus Pro.

    Or perhaps remove ads from Locus Free so we could save for offline use, then install Locus Pro to use our offline version of the Esri maps.

    I guess I’ll just have to learn how to create my own offline maps.

    • pepe0001

      I’ve just found an APK for Locus Free 1.14.3 online. I wish there was a better way.

  • Richard

    I’m looking for a map app that will use vector maps (to be very compact) and let me do offline map viewing and address searching (don’t need navigation really, though) on my Android tablet with GPS (Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0). I thought Locus was going to be exactly what I needed, but after downloading Locus Free, and installing a vector map of my US state (Tennessee), it seems that searching for some reason requires a data connection. When I turn off wi-fi, searching no longer works with the vector map.

    Is there something I need to do to get a street or address search to work offline, or is it just a difficult thing to do in the Android OS? I have a vector map app called Mapopolis (now defunct) on my old Palm Tungsten T3 that I’m trying to retire; it does fast street and/or address searches without a data connection, and I’d love to get that simple capability on my new little Android tablet…

  • Roger

    How can I get 1.13.6 so I can go back to older version. I also need ESRI and don’t like current version.

  • cms

    Is there a way to add usgs topographic layers aside from ESRI layers? What about NASA’s World Wind WMS layers? Those are free.

  • Arek

    Since the last update of Locus Free yesterday I can’t read maps from WMS server in Poland (
    It was working well before, but currently I receive a message in Polish “Unknown Error”
    Is this linked to restrictions to ArcGis Maps or it maybe a problem of WMS serwer ?

    Thanks for reply,


    • menion

      Hi Arek,
      I’m very sorry for that. I discovered same issue yesterday on one czech wms server. Stupid mistake in Locus. Fixed now, in next release all will be fine

  • Luciano José

    Hello menion. Congratulations for software. I bought recently and I am so glad with it, especially because the ArcGis Maps. ArcGis maps topoghraphics is very useful in Brasil. I hope Arcgis maps back soon. Thanks!

  • menion

    I know guys … Locus now suffer by a low number of quality maps so I’m giving it priority. Because Locus is now application with some success at background, I’ll start contacting map companies with hope, it will be with better success, then more then half year ago.

    • Karan Sehgal

      My sole reason for moving to Android . Though I wanted to know if one is able to download satellite imagery for offline use right on the device instead of transferring from a computer.

      Which map source would it use?

      Is there any limit to map data size?

      Waiting eagerly for your reply. :p

  • miner

    Hi, please, find the solution how to bring ArcGis back. I was quite surprised with the precision of their Topographic WorldMap. I used it in some parts of world and It seems to be better than OSM all around the World! Especially on distant areas.
    What is Locus as outdoor navigation missing is the quality offline topographic map. I would pay for quality and precise offline maps if there would be an option.

  • ed holloway

    yes, I am very much interested in the arc his maps online. us Topo maps is the product I use most and sold me on Lucas pro! your product exceeds my expectations bit lets please not lose arc gis