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22.5.2015 Michal Blog

No, it’s not the Enigma cipher or countdown of a space shuttle launch as you may wonder. A bit different sky ripper, Locus Map Free/Pro version 3.9.0, is ready in Google Play hangar, fuel tanks pressurized. And what is loaded in its cargo space?

Let’s go Munzee!

Have you heard about Munzee yet? This global scavenger hunt is a GPS game of the next generation. Munzees are tiny QR codes hidden all over the World on stickers placed anywhere you can imagine. You just have to find them and capture them with your phone. For this you collect points and compete with other Munzeers. You need nothing more than your smart phone and Munzee account to access Munzee database. And Locus Map with brand new Munzee Add-On installed. It displays Munzees on your favorite map, navigates or guides you to them, shows logs and profiles of other Munzee hunters. You can even comment on Munzees to keep other hunters informed.


Share your tracks on Facebook!

Have you just accomplished your training goal? Or just had a nice bike ride you’d like to share with your friends on Facebook? Locus Map’s got even more social now so it’s finally possible. You will find the necessary button in the track detail menu – add your Facebook login and post tracks on your wall!

Enjoy clearer and faster access to your points and tracks

We reworked options of your data manager access. Now you can define direct buttons to your tracks tab and points tab. Just long-tap the buttons in the menu or in top and right panel, select “Modify panel” and set their functions as you need. “Old” approach via Data manager has been preserved for more conservative users 🙂


Simplified map manager

Not many new Locus users know what it means “vector map” or “personal map” and what the difference between them is. Their common property is that they are both offline and not many people worry about their tech specs. Therefore we decided to simplify the map manager tabs to only online and offline categories, which is much more obvious to non-geek users. Adding new maps dialog has been changed as well:


More than 50 other fixes and minor improvements…

You know Menion… He loves his work and he loves you, our dear users, so he sleeps 4 hours a day to meet all your wishes and needs. Full description of his work for the past month can be found in Menu > Information > News. And it’s a really long list! Nevertheless, don’t worry and don’t hesitate to tell us everything you want to improve, change, remove or fix so that Locus Map can remain on the pedestal of Android outdoor map apps.

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  • Hans Faltermaier

    Ihre seid super !!
    Was ihr für hervorragende Arbeit leistet ist enorm gut
    Danke und macht weiter so.

  • C de Ruiter

    Please roll back my latest update. The gps fix does not operate properly

  • Míra

    Dobrý den, pokouším se již 2 dny stáhnout aktualizaci, ale pokaždé skončim na 76%. Poté to vyhodí hlášku “chyba, kód 25.” Místa v telefonu mám dostatek. Používám telefon Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Děkuji

  • fischer

    Es funktioniert nicht track aufzeichnen mit fotopunkt und dann als klz in google sieht keine fotos.
    livetracking-wie funktioniert das.
    habe bezahlte version.
    bitte um info.

  • VetyCZ

    Well, that seems great! Im glad to see you’re active and work on improvements. Thank you Locus.