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News in version 3.6.0

30.1.2015 hanicka Blog

Dear Locusers,

We’re happy to say that the new version is ready for installation. New 3.6.0 version is more about the look than about new features.

Locus Map in Material design

We’ve spent a whole month to redesign Locus Map into new Material design. But this is only beginning, we’re planning to change also the rest of the screens to the Material. We know that not everybody likes it but we’d like to follow the newest trends in the Android world. Try it and write us how you like the new theme.

 material_design_maps      material_design_settings

Locus Map supports devices with Android 4.0 and higher only

As you probably know, Google released new Android L a couple months ago. There are lots of useful features and improvements, but they can be used only on Android 4.0 and higher. For this reason  Android 2.x and 3.x devices are no longer supported from version 3.6.0.  But it does not mean that users with older devices are not able to use Locus. You can install the last Locus 3.5.3 from these packages:


We’re very sorry for this, but it helps us with further development, so it’s win win solution for all Locus users.

Other news

We’ve also improved some Locus features. For example “Pick on Map” is completely new. Have you tried distance rings (Menu > Settings >  Map – objects & style > Distance rings)? Useful if you need to estimate the distance. In the new version distance rings work even when the GPS is turned off.

 material_design_pick_on_map      material_design_time_rings

As usual, we fixed some bugs in Locus maps. For example wrong diacritics in Locus Maps are fixed. Couple of minor issues in Geocaching  are repaired (identification of final waypoint, loading profile).

We hope that you’ll be satisfied with the new design!

Your Locus team

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