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Locus Map 3.49 released, fourth generation still in development

19.10.2020 Michal Blog

If you think nothing is going on around Locus, the opposite is true. We’ve almost tripled the capacity of our team in the last two years, and we now hardly pack into our small office during a complete team meeting. Fortunately, we mostly work in the home office, so we don’t get in each other’s way (and we don’t share various now popular infections).

Work on our projects is currently continuing “double-track”. On the one hand, development and maintenance of the classic Locus Map Free and Locus Map Pro branch continues. On the other hand, and here lies the focus of our efforts over the last two years, we are working feverishly on the development of a new generation – Locus Map 4 . Which is no longer “just” an application, but also an extensive environment of accompanying services.

What’s new in version 3.49

So let’s start with the classics . After all, when the new generation of the app is launched, we’ll name this series this way. So what’s new?

Route Planner

We’ve simplified the setup of the route generation service BRouter . We’ve removed the option to select navigation profiles defined directly by this service. On the one hand, this will make the profile selection much clearer, and on the other hand, we are forced to do so by the restrictions of the new Android 11 – Locus Map will no longer be able to access other app directories , including BRouter. However, geeks don’t despair, you will simply place your custom profiles in a folder directly in the Locus directory structure and select them in the router configuration – they will be separated by an extra header.


For those of you who have no idea about this, these are batch changes to your entire app settings . If you want to make the most of Locus, you can’t do without them. The versatility of Locus lies in the huge number of functions and settings of the application. However, if you use Locus for various different activities, you always need to reset it. Presets make this process incredibly easy – you can then reset the whole app with two clicks – 1. open the presets, 2. click on the preset. You can change the settings of the function panels, the map theme, the recording profile, the map rotation, and a lot of other parameters at once.

Initially, presets worked in two modes – basic and advanced . However, we’ve found that basic mode is unnecessary, so now presets work directly in advanced mode . In it, you can choose which specific settings you want to have in the preset.

In addition to these two major changes, of course, the version contains a number of minor adjustments and fixes, as you’re accustomed to.

What’s up with Locus Map 4?

A lot is happening. A lot is almost done and ready for demanding testing, but still, there’s a lot of hard work ahead.

The App

  • We’re fine-tuning the new ergonomic UI , which includes the expected dark mode. It will also be possible to turn the controls the other way around so both right-handers and left-handers can use it comfortably.
  • The route planner has got a lot of new features – graphical representation of surfaces and route types, built-in offline router, the ability to generate a round trip and several alternative routes at once

Cloud Sync

The synchronization of data from the application with our own cloud storage is also in the phase of internal testing. No more worries about losing data when resetting your phone, switching to a new phone, or using Locus on multiple devices at once will be a breeze.

Online LoMaps and LoPoints

We also converted the original purely offline content online so that we could have it available for the new web route planner, and also to solve one of our big pains – points of interest search. After disconnecting from Google, we significantly missed it…

Web Route Planner

We have brought the planner in the application almost to perfection. Now it’s its web clone’s turn – after all, in the warmth of home with a large monitor, the route is planned more comfortably. Here, however, we still have a lot of work to do – we don’t want to offer you any semi-finished product, but a well-tuned piece of software.

There is a lot behind us, but also a lot ahead of us. So we don’t want to promise anything, but we firmly hope that we will enjoy next season with the new Locus Map 4.

Then keep your fingers crossed for us!

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  • groula

    Dobrý den.
    Hledám všude možně a nemohu najít. Když vytvořím zálohu všeho, uložím na disk Google a obnovím zálohu na jiném zarizeni. Body nemají přiložené fotky. Již několikrát se mi stalo, že jsem vyměnil mobil a o všechny fotky u bodu přišel.
    Jak mám zazalohovat bod včetně fotografie?

    • Michal

      Dobrý den,
      s přílohami je to poněkud složitější. Ty se automaticky nezálohují. Pokud je chcete zazálohovat, zkopírujte přímo adresář Locus/data/media z jednoho zařízení a při obnovení na jiném zařízení jimi přepište novou složku “media”.

  • Radomír Grygar

    Proč se mi v Beta 4. verzi na importované trase zobrazuji track pointy jako černé tečky… Nikde nelze zrušit. Tatáž trasa importovaná ze stejného gpx souboru mi toto nikdy ve finální PRO verzi neudělala..

  • Nitzan Hamami

    I save a lot of tracks in the app as they are arranged and arranged with names and descriptions.
    It would have been great if there was an option to add a link in the edit as well.
    It is very convenient to have a link to a site that describes and explains the trail.

  • Boris Baum

    Guten Tag,
    ich habe gelesen, dass LM 4 auf Abo Basis laufen soll.
    Wenn dem so ist, wäre ich leider kein Kunde mehr und ich würde mir auch kein
    Carpe Iter Pad bzw. Samsung Pad für teures Geld kaufen, da ich die Abo Möglichkeit grundsätzlich ablehne. Können Sie mir dazu schon etwas sagen?
    MfG Boris Baum

    • Michal

      Hi Boris,
      Locus Map 4 will be available for free. However, some features of it will be available under Premium subscription. Today’s Locus Map Pro will remain as a single purchase app renamed to Locus Classic. Michal, Locus team

  • Christian

    Cloud Sync is the thing I missed most for the last years., cause I use it regularly on my phone and my tablet.
    Good to know that THIS is coming.

  • Tadeáš

    Zdravím, chci se zeptat, zda se chystá s novým Locusem 4 tmavý režim i pro listingy geokeší a celkově správu keší (bodů). Bylo by to super pro amoled displeje, ale také i na noční keše.

  • Roman

    Cloudava synchronizace na to se těším z důvodů používání dvou přístrojů současné na střídačku abych měl nastavení a záznamy a plánování identické na obou přístrojích .

  • If you require beta testers for V4, let me know


  • Alexander

    Plánujem kúpiť hodinky Huawei warch gt 2 pro. Budu fungovať v Locus maps PRO?

    • Michal

      Dobrý den, pokud běží na Wear OS, měly by fungovat s doplňkem Locus Map Watch, který komunikuje s aplikací v mobilu.

  • Stefan Hubert

    Bitte macht doch bei den Aktivität Symbolen noch ein Wohnmobil [Camping Car] dabei.
    Da ich auch meine Reisen oft mit dem Fahrzeug mache Dankeschön

    • Michal

      Hi, we are sorry, Locus Map is an outdoor activity navigation app for hikers and bikers – not a car-specific navigation. Car navigation is possible with it though, but only with limits. We are not planning any development in this area.

  • Ser

    With the release of Locus 4 do you plan to include support for the much requested 3D View of the maps?

    • Michal

      Hi, the support of 3D maps is not planned for this version.

      • Ser

        That’s too bad.

        A proper 3D View of a map (especially of a satellite image map) is very very useful for those who are exploring the wildness outside of the market trails.

        When you are in the field by bike or by 4×4 and you must find a new path to navigate, having the possibility to view the 3D relief event at a fixed angle (like 45 degree titled angle) is very practical and way more intuitive than just trying to interpret the contour lines.

        I’m an Locus Pro user since 2012 and I’m using it extensively for my work and hobby and I would be willing to pay extra for a such function or addon if it would be possible.
        Only those that do this kind of mountain exploring understand and would appreciate a such feature … while the rest of users ( majority ) that just simply follow a path line over a maps, would not be that thrilled about …

  • Jaroslav

    Zdravim, stratil som moj telefon a po obnoveni dat v novom telefone nemam tam ziadne mapy. Mam zakuoenu verziu PRO. Ako mam dostat znovu vsetky napy? Dakujem S pozdravom Jaro

  • Роман

    Хорошее приложение

  • kft

    New ergonomic UI seems good.
    I want to experience it on “Locus Map classic”.

  • Udo

    Schade das Locus nicht für das i-Phone verfügbar ist.

  • Bernd

    hat nur ein paar gerade Linien aufgezeichnet >absolut daneben.<
    Hab's wieder runtergeschmissen, bleib bei meiner alten App

    • Michal

      Hi Bernd,
      if there is Android 10 on your new device, please check Locus Map has permission to access location “all the time”, not just “when the app is used”. For Android 10 the apps are “used” only when the screen is on – therefore, Locus needs permission “all the time” so that it can run on background. Please make sure also that Locus Map is excluded from all means of the battery optimization. Michal, Locus team

  • Ute Schlienger

    die Version 3.49 läuft nicht ( es werden nur Geraden zwischen Start und Ziel angezeigt ) auf meinem neuen Wiko 5 plus. Akkuoptimierung rausgenommen usw.,
    Schade, ich wollte mir die Locus pro Version kaufen, weil ich die einfache Locus Vers. so toll fand beim alten Wiko.

    • Michal

      Hi Ute,
      if there is Android 10 on your new device, please check Locus Map has permission to access location “all the time”, not just “when the app is used”. For Android 10 the apps are “used” only when the screen is on – therefore, Locus needs permission “all the time” so that it can run on background. Michal, Locus team

  • Wolfgang

    Hoffentlich habt ihr auch an eine vernünftige Lösung für Backup s auf den PC gedacht!

    • Michal

      Hi Wolfgang, the backup manager will stay as it is or maybe it’ll be simplified.

  • Hello,

    great news! Any chance to get hands on the web planner and/or the app early?

  • Anon

    Are you still planning to move to a subscription based model for Locus Map 4, as announced in this post?

  • PawelS

    ,,simply place your custom profiles in a folder directly in the Locus directory structure and select them in the router configuration” After every update? No way. Even worse this update deleted my profiles in Locus folder, but in route planner everything seemed ok, until I got into settings and I found out that under my profile names there were some random default profiles. They should be deactivated/renamed.

    • Michal

      MOve your BRouter profiles into Locus/router directory and restart. Then you’ll find the profiles in the router settings of Locus > Advanced options. Michal, Locus team