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8.5.2011 menion Blog

This should be interesting post for people that are worried about some changes in Locus during last weeks.

In application is recommended to use downloading with sense, so not download whole Europe in some high zooms, when 95% of downloaded tiles will not be usable for this person and more. Anyway few users created during last weeks extreme overload on OSM servers. So I received some negative response from OSM map server owners (which I completely understand and I’m really sorry for that) and I decided to do some changes in Locus around map downloading.

Second side is mainly my own mistake. I was ignoring without any good reason some requirements from map providers side. First step was my own decision to remove all map providers that do not allow displaying of maps. Many of them, I already contacted with offer of some cooperation, so I will see what time brings. Second step, since last update was adding few limitation and improvements on actual maps.

  1. my own mistake – invalid “User agent” in Http request. Now every request on web map server is easily identified, as going from Locus application.
  2. unlimited downloading – now limited. Due to Terms of Use of OSM servers, layers 17, 18 and more, are forbidden to download in Locus. On rest is added currently limit to 25 000 tiles per day. You can download one map part per day, and continue in same in next day. I can set various limits for various maps, so for example ArcGIS maps, have different limitation
  3. missing attribution – now, all Online maps, have small active attribution text on bottom screen.

That’s all guys. I personally think, that these limitation have almost no effect on usability of Locus. Also I really hope that this bring peace on OSM servers after few very hot days. Also thanks to various possibilities how handle online maps, I can send some offers to map providers, that should be interesting for them.

So, I still hope, that even after so radical changes, you still like this application. I like it much, really and I’m still very interested in active developing, so don’t worry, it’s not the end …

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