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4.5.2011 menion Blog

Hi to all users,

this will be just a short explanation of newly required permissions for all who worry about security. My Maps support was in Locus since January 2011. Unfortunately Google removed official support for My Maps in the end of February, so I removed all (four) required permissions and also ability to use My Maps in Locus, anyway part of code was still there. But community around My Maps was so big, that Google allowed to use Maps Data API for the future. There is chance that this will be removed once, but until then, we can use it.

So, who don”t know My Maps, looks here

new permissions (and reason for them)


to get list of Google accounts


to login to Google account

to read maps from google service


needed for recreating expired access to My Maps

So, all this permissions may cause worry to someone, but … every application which wants to access to your account data, need to go through this!

So, there is no need to worry, because you”ll always know when any application wants to access your account data. Even when you install Locus with all these new permissions, there is no need to worry, when you do not use My Maps feature. To be true, even when I can access some of your account data (and I think this is not possible, because this permissions allow only to get some AUTH tokens), I have nooo idea, what should I do with them 🙂

Verdikt: when anyone don”t like it a much, I can redistribute valid version (on forum probably) without this. On second side, try to look on list of required permissions on Google Maps. They need around twice more of them then Locus and nobody cry due to it.

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