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Free online maps of the World

Maps of the OpenStreetMap project, covering the whole World, are created and developed by a vast OSM volunteering community all around the globe. The project is developed continuously and the map is constantly updated. Maps are GPS-accurate and in some areas also very detailed. They are available online and can be downloaded for offline use.

Asamm LoMaps

OSM based vector maps of the whole World. Optimized and maintained by Asamm Software, producer of Locus Map application. Content of the maps can be changed according to your activity - hike&bike, ski, city and road and zoomed to a great detail of 1:2.500 scale. Maps contain a database of active POIs and elevation data. LoMaps can be used only in offline mode and are available in packages (countries or states). First three packages are for FREE.


Detailed hiking maps by a leading European cartographic publisher. Zoomable maps show hiking routes as well as other tourist infrastructure (huts, camps, sights, cableways, information centers...). Maximum scale 1:35.000. Kompass maps cover whole range of countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Northern Italy or Canary islands.


Traditional cartography publishing house from Vienna offers hiking maps of a great part of Europe from Denmark to Croatia, including Austria, Germany, Northern Italy and more. All based on OSM background with additional layer of tourist infrastructure - marked hiking paths, huts, info centers etc. Maps in max 1:50.000 zoom can be viewed online for monthly and annual subscription, or downloaded to offline with free selection.


Best trail maps in the U.S., available in two versions - Land Cover and Land Use - in several zooms down to 1:50.000. Land Cover depicts the Earth's surface and vegetation. Used in conjunction with Land Use map to not only understand who owns or manages the land you're on, but what that land looks like.


Maps are available in Summer and Winter versions, for online viewing and in downloadable offline packages covering Austria, Germany and Northern Italy. Summer maps display a rich set of topographic features with detailed contour lines, rock drawings, hiking tracks and bike routes. Winter maps are optimized in color and feature ski runs, ski lifts, cross-country skiing tracks and slope gradients. All maps contain data in several zooms down to 1:25.000 scale.

Ordnance Survey

Digital zoomable maps of Great Britain combine data of two major OS paper map series - 1:50.000 scale Landranger shows fewer details and is suitable for longer distance cycling, driving and holidays. More detailed Explorer in 1:25.000 scale is ideal for walking, running, mountain biking and horse riding. The maps show updated network of hiking routes as well as other hiking and tourist infrastructure (tourist huts, camps, sights, cableways, tourist information centers, ...). Maps are available for offline use only.

IGN France

Detailed and accurate topo maps of France produced by the largest French cartographic publisher. Maps contain complete tourist content including marked hiking and cycling trails. Maps are available online and offline in several zooms down to very detailed 1:10.000.


Hiking maps of Polish cartography producer, exclusively in Locus. Maps of the most attractive tourist areas in Poland and partly in Western Ukraine contain precise, terrain-proved rendering with rich tourist content - hiking, cycling, horse-riding paths and trails, architectural and natural landmarks. Maps are available in offline packages and are zoomable to 1:50.000 scale.


Hiking and cycling maps of the Czech republic and Slovakia by a leading Czech cartography publisher. Maps zoomable to 1:50.000 scale show marked hiking routes, cycling routes as well as other hiking and tourist infrastructure (tourist huts, camps, sights, cableways, tourist information centers, ...). Cycling maps contain also classification of surfaces and a dense network of recommended cycling trails. Map is available for online viewing, for free selection downloading and in readymade packages.


Detailed and precise hiking maps of the whole Switzerland by a traditional Swiss cartography publisher. The maps are characteristic by its clear rendering, dense contour lines, accurate rock drawings and of course complete tourist infrastructure - marked paths, huts etc. Maps are available in several zooms down to 1:25.000 in packages for offline use only.

IGN Belgium

Detailed and precise topographic maps of complete area of Belgium. Available in vast range of scales, down to unprecedented 1:2.500.
Offered for a subscription fee enabling online viewing and downloading of any area of Belgium for offline use.

Backroad Mapbooks

The most detailed and comprehensive maps of Canada available to recreational users. Containing the most up-to-date outdoor recreation information including topographic contours and summits, industry and forest service roads, campsites, trails for hikers, bikers, ATVers and snowmobilers, paddling routes, hunting and fishing hot spots, parks and wildlife viewing areas, and thousands of geographic and recreation points.
Alpine Association of Slovenia

Alpine Association of Slovenia

Maps of Alpine Association of Slovenia (Planinska zveza Slovenije) in the map scale 1:25.000. Depicting trails, mountain huts, paths, natural and cultural points of interest, tourist infrastructure and everything else important for activities in the nature are represented in detail. PZS maps are continuously updated by volunteers of Slovenian alpine clubs.
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