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15.4.2011 menion Blog

Hi to all,

I bring bad news for everyone. When I started creating Locus, I knew that downloading maps and even showing, isn”t perfect without agreement from map owners. As time flow, more and more maps was added and I really forgot about this issue. Until now.

Do you know Mobile atlas creator software? If no, this allow you similar thing as Locus. Download various maps from internet to your mobile application. For now, author of Mobac is solving similar troubles as me. Take a look here. We both were contacted by map providers and forced to remove their maps from application.

So since Locus 1.5.2, all maps that violate Terms of Use, are removed.

Anyway, what you can do now

  • Best should be contact map provider you like and ask him, if is possible to add his maps into Locus application. I can also offer adding maps as three types.
    1. to view only without any caching on SD card
    2. to view and also cache during viewing
    3. to view, cache and also ability to download

    So write to Google, to OutdoorActive and just ask few times and when you receive positive response, write me and I”ll add map provider back.

  • Second what you can do, is to add maps into Locus manually. Description is here. I can say that except Swiz and Yandex maps, all maps that was in Locus can be added by this way. If you also want to create some more specific XML map adding, write on forum to debate about it.
  • I know this is not perfect, but if you want to keep actual maps for download, do not update! Or just keep Locus Free without update for maps and Pro as regular updated application. But I do not say that.
  • And finally if You are owner of Locus Pro and feel really angry for that, I”m very sorry and I can offer refund of order, so just write me on email exact time of buy and you name and I”ll do what is needed.
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