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Locus Map Watch add-on ready also for Gear and Galaxy Watch

15.1.2019 Michal Blog

Locus Map Watch add-on for wearables has been available for a few months now, gaining bigger and bigger popularity among Locus Map users who own Android Wear or Wear OS devices. However, many outdoor fans use wearables made by Samsung. Those, alas, haven’t been so lucky – Samsung wearables Gear S(X) and Galaxy Watch run on Tizen – a completely different operation system than Android Wear/Wear OS devices and therefore we had to develop the add-on on an absolutely different platform.

To be honest, it was a struggle but in the end we won the battle and Locus Map Watch for Gear and Galaxy watches is finally here!

Free and Pro versions

More exactly, there are two Locus Map Watch addonsLocus Map Free Watch and Locus Map Pro Watch. Reason? Unlike Android, Tizen perceives Locus Free and Pro as two independent apps and is not able to connect one add-on to both of them, so:

If you use Locus Map Free, install Locus Map Free Watch. If you use Locus Map Pro, install Locus Map Pro Watch

Both add-on versions are, of course, for FREE. If you use Locus Map Free and you install, by accident, Locus Map Pro Watch, don’t worry – you don’t have to purchase Locus Map Pro. Just uninstall the wrong add-on and install the right one – Locus Map Free Watch.

Map, track recording controls or navigation right on your wrist!

Samsung version of our Locus Map Watch add-on offers almost the same features as its Wear OS twin:

Find your position right away

  • just a short glance on the map and you see where you are:

Tap your watch and start to record your trip instantly

  • select type of your activity on track
  • start recording or insert a waypoint

Browse and zoom the map and orient yourself better in the landscape

Besides browsing the map you can zoom the map across several levels and see what is ahead or around your position:

You know where you’re heading – the map rotates in your direction during navigation:

Navigate easily with your watch

  • watch turn-by-turn navigation commands
  • always know your position an route, shape and distance of the next turn

Check all stats and adjust your watch dashboard

Each sports freak needs to monitor something else. One needs to check his average speed, another one his HR, cadence or elevation gain. We added a lot more, including energy consumption or battery status.

Not all values fit in the small watch screen so the dashboard can be rolled down. And what’s more, the dashboard cells can be customized – you can select what values you need to see on what position. Just long tap the cell and confirm your selection from the vaste range of features.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Galaxy Apps and install!

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  • Rainer

    Just tested with Locus Pro Version on Samsung Gear S3 and Huawei P30 – working excellent , hope it is stable for long tracks and does not eat up battery life. Used Komoot Gear before, but this was very, very basic and Komoot ndoes only support Samsung phones – so it looks like all my routing and tracking is moving to Locus……

  • filip

    Do you have plans to make add on for Huawei’s LiteOS watches?

    • Locus team

      I’m afraid not. Now we are working on Garmin addon and improvement of Wear OS and Tizen addons.

  • Patrick

    Locusmaps pro doesnt woek on my watch

    • Locus team

      Hi, please, contact us at and give us more information – what watch do you use? Describe the problem in greater detail etc.

  • Peter Dresen

    Hallo und guten Morgen.Erstmal sehr schöne Umsetzung der APP. Meine Frage wäre aber ,Wird das GPS der Uhr überhaupt benötigt oder ist die Anzeige auf der Uhr eine reine Darstellung des Smartphone Bildschirms inclsuive des GPS Signals des Smartphones.Dann könnte ich zwecks Energiersparnis das GPS der Uhr abschalten.Danke und Gruss

    • Locus team

      Hi Peter,
      could you please contact us at and attach screenshots of the issue? We are not sure we understand what is wrong. Thanks. Michal, Locus team

  • Ivan

    Mám nainštalovanú pro verziu v mobile aj v hodinkách,ale keď ju spustím tak mi neukazuje mapu.

    • Locus team

      ozvěte se nám, prosím, na a podrobně popište problém. Jaké máte mapy, jaký mobil, hodinky, verzi Androida atd. Michal, Locus team

  • ron

    Hi, excellent addition this LocusMap addon. What i’m missing (or not seeing) is the availability of an offline map on my smartphone and still navigate on it with my watch. I don’t need to have the map offline on the watch , since it’s already on the phone, but that would help me prepare for the holidays, download the maps in advance and then navigate with them when i’m in the forest/hills without too much network availability.

    • Locus team

      Hi Ron,
      Locus Map Watch displays the same map you are displaying on your mobile Locus Map app – also an offline map

  • I have the new Galaxy Watch Active. I only see Locus Watch Free in the Galaxy Watch store, Locus Watch Pro is not there. Any ideas?

    • Locus team

      Hi Bill,
      Galaxy Watch Active is not fully supported at the time. We are collecting feedback from users as we don’t own this type of watches for testing. LM Watch Pro should be available the same way LM Watch Free is so we don’t know where the bug is. Could you please test the LM Watch Free version at least? We need to know if map zooming works because this type doesn’t have the control ring. If you have any feedback please contact us at Many thanks! Michal, Locus team

  • Bernd Kerner

    That’s exactly what I was missing. You are doing an excellent job. Keep it up! Thanks a lot!

  • Locus Map Pro auf der Samsung Watch meldet immer “No response from Locus Map”. auch Deinstallation und erneuter Installation. Auf meinem Samsung Note 9 habe ich ebenfalls Locus Map Pro installiert. Was mache ich falsch?

    • Locus team

      Hi Sven, go to your phone settings > Applications > Samsung accessories and delete its data. All should be working fine then. Michal, Locus team

  • Patrik

    Ahoj prosím jak jde spustit na hodinkách galaxy watch navigace po připravené trase v locusu? děkuji

    • Locus team

      Dobrý den,
      spusťte navigaci v Locusu na mobilu, aplikace v hodinkách vám bude zobrazovat trasu a navigační příkazy.

  • Roland

    Wann kommt Watch Add on für Garmin Watches?

    • Locus team

      Hi Roland,
      to be very optimistic, we expect it some time in April.

  • Tomáš

    Dobrý den, přidávám se k dotazu Zdenka z 16.1.2019. Je šance na Locus Map Watch pro Xiaomi Amazfit? Jinak velké díky za Locus.

    • Locus team

      Dobrý den Tomáši,
      a add-onu pro Xiaomi neuvažujeme. Do dubna by měl být hotov doplněk pro Garmin, jinak budeme pracovat pouze na Wear OS a Tizenu.

  • Alessandro

    But where can I find the add-on for galaxy????????

  • gdrub13


    I want to start the Locus Map Pro Gear add-on to record my trip instantly. Should I start my Locus Map Pro app on my phone first or this is the add-on which starts the app even if the phone is in “sleep” ?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Best regards.

    • Locus team

      Hi, the addon should work even if the phone is in standby. Michal, Locus team

  • Peter

    Huge step forward!!!! Can not wait to have stand alone app on my Galaxy Watch LTE!!!!!! You are doing great job guys, my respect!

  • Pitsch

    Hne locus pro installiert Finde watch pro nicht habe eine samsung watch s3 wie installieren?

    • Locus team

      go to your phone settings > applications > Samsung System Accessories > delete its data. Then restart Locus map Pro. It should help.

  • jhorny

    Bezvadné. Překonalo to moje očekávání:)

  • Petronela

    Áno, je zapnutý a nejde to..

    • Locus team

      Zkontrolujte také, zda máte aktivní bluetooth. Máte v hodinkách odpovídající add-on, tedy Locus Map Free Watch?

    • Locus team

      Jděte do nastavení vašeho telefonu > aplikace > najděte aplikaci Samsung System Accessories a smažte její data. Pak restartujte Locus Map v mobilu a na hodinkách.

  • Gilbert Lauer


    eure App ist genial. Ich habe das Programm ohne Probleme auf einer Samsung Galaxy Watch installiert und bin begeistert. Genau das hat bisher gefehlt, das lästige herausnehmen des Handys auf einer Tour entfällt jetzt weitgehend – vielen Dank dafür.

  • Petronela

    Prečo mi na hodinach Samsung Galaxy watch stale vypisuje no connection to Locus map vo free verzii?

    • Locus team

      Dobrý den, a máte zapnutý zároveň Locus Map Free v mobilu?

  • Frank Becker

    Ich benutze Lochs Pro auf einem Samsungs Xcover 4 und einer Gear S3. Ich musste nicht nur den Cache, sondern die gesamten Daten der genannten App löschen, dann hat es sofort funktioniert.
    Danke für die Anpassung an Tizen!
    Locus is best, forget the rest 😉

  • Thomas


    Ich habe die PRO Version erfolgreich und begeisternd auf dem Galaxy S7 laufen. Trotzdem klappt die Verbindung mit der Gear S3 Frontier nicht. In der Free Version funkioniert es mit der Gear S3 Frontier. Gibt es Tips oder Ideen woran das liegt?

    Danke & viele Grüße Thomas

    • Locus team

      please, delete temporary data of Samsung System Accessories app in your mobile phone and then restart Locus Map Pro. It should work. Michal, Locus team

  • Maik


    Work this Add-on with Samsung Gear S3 Frontier?

  • Maim

    Hello, I will buy a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.
    Will Locus work on it? Work with these Add-on only?

    Thank you.
    Best Regards

    • Locus team

      Hi, yes, with the addon only, more exactly with the right addon – if you have Locus Free on your mobile, install addon Locus Map Free Watch to your watch (similarly with Pro). Michal, Locus team

  • Reiner

    Hello, I have a xiaomi Redmi 4x. Galaxy app store will not run. How do I get locus map pro watch on my phone.
    is there a link for this addon?

    Greetings Reiner

    • Locus team

      Hi Reiner, Locus Map Pro Watch is a software for your watch, not for your phone. So, go to Galaxy Apps on your watch and install it on your watch.

  • yckim

    Will it be available on Samsung Gear 2 Neo watch, please?
    and Which versions of Tizen are supported from?

    • Locus team

      Gear 2 Neo won’t be supported. Locus Map Watch is available on S2, S3 and Galaxy Watch.

  • derfue

    Wow! Great work, thanks!

  • Peter Antonak

    Good morning,

    I have a Locus Map Pro installed at my Android smartphone and wanted to buy a Galaxy Watch and install Locus Map Pro Watch. Is there a way to download maps to the Galaxy Watch, like I have at my smartphone and use them Off line please? I want to leave my smartphone at home and use just Galaxy Watch with offline maps.

    Thank you very much.
    Best Regards,

    • Locus team

      Hi Peter,
      Locus Map Pro Watch is just an extension of your Locus in your Android Smartphone so it doesn’t work without it. It’s not a standalone app. Maybe in future we’ll develop one but for now, there’s only Locus Map Watch extension available. Thanks for understanding.

  • Martin

    Will it be available on Samsung Fit2 watch, please?

    • Locus team

      I’m afraid not. Fit2 runs on an old version of Tizen and doesn’t have the control ring so we would have to adjust the app just for this one type of band.

  • Sloe

    Je to bombové!!! Ďakujem!

  • Werner Kohl

    I don’t find “Locus Map Pro Watch” in the PlayStore.
    And the free version is from September 2018. Are you sure that the new version is already online?

    Is the S4 watch supported?

    • Locus team

      Hi Werner, Locus Map Pro Watch is not on the Playstore but in Galaxy Apps Store.

      • Werner Kohl

        Okay, my collegue has found it and installed.
        What is the now following procedure in Locus to activate the communication and to send maps to the Samsung S4 watch? My collegue tells me that nothing happens and that nothing is to be seen in the menu system.

        Thanks again!

        • Milan Cejnar

          Hello Werner,
          if you have Samsung Galaxy Watch or Samsung Gear S3 (there is no Samsung S4 watch so I can’t say for sure, which one you mean, but it should be the same) then after installing the add-on from the Galaxy Apps store the Locus Map should appear at the end of the system menu. Just go to the very last screen of the menu and it must be there, if it was installed correctly.
          If there is any problem with communication in Pro version I recommend to uninstall Locus Map Pro application on your phone and then install it back again . Hope that helps.

          • Werner Kohl

            One warning by my colleague concerning re-installation of Locus:
            When uninstalling Locus ALL maps on the SD card will be killed.

          • Locus team

            Hi, therefore we recommend installation to the phone inner memory (

          • Werner Kohl

            Okay, after re-installation of Locus the communication with the watch works and the map is sent. Super! Thanks!

            Now I’m waiting for the support of the Garmin Fenix 3. 😉

          • Werner Kohl

            Ah, yes. The S4 is called Samsung Galaxy Watch now.
            I haven’t one. (My collegue better speaks Russian than English so I make the conversation.)

            I only have a Garmin Fenix 3 which isn’t supported by Locus. (It would be great if there will be support.)

            It seems that there occured a problem during installation so my collegue has to re-install Locus again.

            Thank you again!
            And thank you for that great program which is clearly the best of all which I have tested (and I have seen a lot)!

  • Jaroslav

    Toto by malmať zo zákona každý skialpinista, turista…. Zachránilo by to viacživotov ako pieps! Hovorím z vlastnej skúsenosti, nejednej! Ďakujem Vám za tento zázrak!

  • Alain Lassalle

    Where can I find the add watch pro? I only find the addon free
    Thank you
    Alain L

    • Alain L

      I’m sorry but there is in play store and galaxy apps only the free version. Can you give me the link or can I find the pro version please thanks Cordial greetings

      • Milan Cejnar

        Hello Alain,
        what Samsung watch model do you have to be sure? The add-on is available through Galaxy Apps store on Samsung Gear S2, S3 and Sport and Samsung Galaxy Watch.
        There is no need to install anything other than Locus Map itself from Google Play. Locus Map Watch add-on on Google Play is intended for Wear OS (i.e. Android Wear).
        The full name of the app in Galaxy Apps is “Locus Map Pro Watch”

    • AlainL

      Thank you

    • Locus team

      Hi, both versions, Locus Map Free Watch and Locus Map Pro Watch are on Galaxy Apps.

  • sl91

    And what about very popular and powerfull Garmin watches ?



  • groula

    ty jo tohle. mít. v Garmin fenix to by byla bomba

  • Zdenek

    To je pecka a bude čas i na xiaomi stratos. 2:)

  • Nomur

    Ukaze se mi “No response from Locus” na hodinkach a mapa nenaskoci. Musim to nekde povolit v telefonu? Dekuji

    • Locus team

      Další možností je vysypat dočasnou paměť aplikace Samsung Accessory Service, kterou máte v telefonu, pak na telefonu restartovat Locus Map a následně restart appky v hodinkách.

    • Locus team

      Dobrý den, máte v telefonu nainstalovanou odpovídající aplikaci? Tj. pokud máte v hodinkách Locus Map Free Watch, je potřeba mít v telefonu Locus Map Free.