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Locus Map and IGN – best companions for your French travels

10.4.2015 Michal Blog

This face-resembling picture of beautifully curved landscape of d’Auvergne volcanoes several kilometres from Clermont Ferrand nicely introduces work of French cartographers from IGN – national institute of geographic and forestry information. Their digital maps well-known from their web Géoportail have been a part of Locus online map portfolio for a few weeks.

d'Auvergne volcanoes

Keep smiling a’la d’Auvergne!


IGN maps are the French equivalent of the UK’s Ordnance Survey maps. IGN offers more than 2,000 topographic maps of France at a variety of scales as well as excellent maps of other parts of the world. All have an easy to use key and are beautifully produced.  IGN maps can be quite hard to find in France – especially the IGN maps of more rural areas so it’s usually worthwhile to have them subscribed in your mobile before you travel.

Locus Map offers two subscriptions – monthly and annual – for online use of hiking and satellite maps.  So visit Locus Store before you enter your TGV train to d’Auvergne…

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  • Andreas

    It is great to have now IGN France maps on Locus Pro. However, especially in Auvergne or other urban areas you will not everytime glad with the current solution. For using the IGN maps is actually a data connection prerequisite and therefore, from a practical point of view, restricted online maps are not helpful outside of cities or popular places.

    Please make these IGN maps also available offline like Swisstopo.

    Thank you very much in advance for your efforts !!!!

    • mstupka

      Hi Andreas,current terms of use of IGN maps are as they are and its the first step. We are very glad that IGN maps are in our portfolio even in online mode as its not simple to convince the French to provide maps to a small non-French company. However we are doing our best to make offline IGN maps in Locus possible. Wait a few months,maybe we’ll see a miracle 🙂