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Locus – addon GSAK database

15.12.2011 kuratko Blog

After Geoget addon comes new addon – GSAK database. Do you know GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)? GSAK is geocache manager, where you can manage your final waypoints, add notes or waypoints to geocache or import/export geocache from/to GSAK.

This addon provide connection between GSAK database, where geocaches are save, and Locus, great map tool for Android! So you can view all your GSAK geocache in Locus, manage final waypoints, view listing, etc. And everything offline!

It”s simple – install plugin (from Android Market), copy your GSAK database to SD card, setup addon and run Locus. And just import geocaches.


  1. Install Locus – addon GSAK database (Android Market)
  2. Set correct path to GSAK database on your SD card
  3. Change filter in settings, if you want
  4. Add this addon on right-side panel and click on it.
  5. Or tap on map (hold finger), select last icon in bottom menu – Settings and select Load GSAK geocaches.
  6. Done!

Some screenshots from addon and Locus:

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