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Introducing ‘Custom screen’

19.5.2011 menion Blog

Since new version (today released) 1.8.0, Locus support creating “Custom screen”. What this means? You can now create your own, nice looking screen(s)!

Android GUI can be defined by two ways. Simply method is by XML file. A little worst is programmatically by code itself. I introduce new method that connect both. You can define screen layout by creating XML configuration layout (so you do not have to be skilled with programming in Java) and I will then convert your XML file, together with resources (like images and fonts) into your “Custom screen”. Sounds easy? But it isn”t 🙂 ..

Creating GUI in Android is easy for developers skilled with whole GUI system, but not so easy for basic users. This is problem on one side. On second, structure of whole system allow to create really nice and complex GUI”s.

So, in new Locus version are integrated three sample skins. Here is source code for them so you can test and examine what is possible. Also count, that I”m using some custom tags and whole system is still in develop, so …

  • test, write me feedback (best on Locus forum), write me request on new features or variables that I”ll gladly add if I see some interest.
  • also when “skin library” will grow, I plan together with Fabian (author of Fourquare addon), create “library of resources for Locus” that allow share, download, rate and more with all these skins and icons stuff. So what you think?
  • try to create you own skins! Here is description of whole system. If you create something nice, send me it and I can add it into official release! (do not forget to add “info.html” file with description and some links to you. You can be famous also 😉 )

Enjoy new feature!

Pictures of samples

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