Locus Map - multipurpose mobile outdoor navigation app
Locus Map

...for real paperless hunt

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Import of geocaches

  • Geocaching4Locus add-on for easy import and live! map
  • Pocket Query import
  • GeoGet database import add-on


  • in-app online and offline geocache logging
  • trackables logging
  • field notes upload

Field Notes

  • easy offline logging
  • built-in intuitive Field Notes manager
  • FieldNotes add-on for advanced geocachers

Geocaching tools

  • graphic tools - circles, lines...
  • calculation tools - projection, center points...
  • GC offlinizer for easy image and spoilers downloading


  • on-map geocache guidance with distance and azimuth count
  • compass guidance
  • optional distance sound and screen alert

Geocache alert

  • all-geocaches distance-based alert
  • single or increasing alert with adjustable frequency
  • beep, sound, TTS and vibration alert
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