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FieldNotes Add-On? A must-have for real geocaching enthusiasts!

3.4.2015 Michal Blog

As keen geocachers you surely can imagine the situation when you’re ready to set on your weekend hunt and your FUP is out. Or you’re on a geocaching powertrail, 50 geocaches ahead… who can remember all those boxes? Wait, what’s in the cache listing? Oh my, so many tapping to get to it… Damned, I’ve got no signal…

So, if you need to log your caches offline, to log really fast (superfast!) without need to tap the log again and again, to log a lot of (a real lot of) caches per day, to get back to your logs to make some editing, to change time of your previous logging, actually if Geocaching is your life… There’s the FieldNotes Add-On!

FieldNotes basic version is available at the Google Play Store but if you expect even something more, you can find an unlocker to its extended functions directly in Locus Store. It offers:

  • quick access to cache listing
  • adding notes by voice
  • logging date and time changing
  • own path for export of field notes
  • 10 templates of logs
  • clipboard text in the template menu

fieldnotes01 fieldnotes02 fieldnotes03

The latest FieldNotes version can also handle Geocaching Souvenirs. It can notify you of them or launch your calendar to put the associated event in. The FieldNotes developer promises even more in future, for example filtering and searching in logs. So stay tuned!

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