Locus Map Does Not Run Since Device Update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

12.3.2014 voldapet Blog

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Čeština und English verfügbar.

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  • bugfix

    hey devs,

    the current version only works with locus on internal storage (sd)? why you dont check if device is rootet or not? i can’t copy locus folder to the internal storage because there is no more space.

    this is a dissatisfying situation 🙁

  • keith

    Locus Map do you developers read the release notes? All you have to do is create a sub folder in your applications folder on the external sdcard and everything will work fine. For example:

    Android/data/ android/files

    Downloaded maps etc go into the files sub folder and everything will work just fine.

    Simply update your app to the new requirements

  • LK

    I’m not Android developer, but AFAIK there are already available applications (non-system, not-rooted) which are able to write (delete, rename) files on external SD card. Hope you will investigate in this ‚issue‘ to find some solution for Locus to work again with SD card.

    BTW: no problems with Locus moved to internal storage so far (on Galaxy Note 3, KitKat).

    Just FYI, thanks for great product anyway!!

    • Voldy

      can you give me please some example, please? We’d like to solve it, so every idea is welcome. Maybe additional note: Application can save data into private folder managed by Android system. But this is not applicable to Locus because we need/want to have data in folder called Locus.

      • Arctia

        Latest (3.1.1) version of ES File Explorer can create or write to any folder on extSD. Previous can’t – verified. 🙂

        • Voldy

          It seems that ES File Explorer uses probably some hack via the media content files. We’ll be watching it.
          Thank you