Locus Map - multipurpose mobile outdoor navigation app


Support of Search and Rescue organizations

In this program, developer of Locus Map, Asamm Software, s.r.o. company has resolved to provide free licenses for a full-featured outdoor navigation application Locus Map Pro to members of Search&Rescue teams across the world. SAR teams can get:

Licences are provided on the base of application form >> filled and sent to us at pr(at)

Banner ad in Locus Map Free

Locus Map Free is actively used by approximately 600 000 people around the World and as such presents itself as a subject with great marketing potential. The free version of Locus Map contains an advertisement area for banner ads. The ad area is situated on the top edge of the map screen both in portrait and landscape mode. The area is managed by the AdMob advertising platform and thanks to its mediation feature we provide the area for our partners’ campaigns.

In case of your interest please do not hesitate and contact us >>.

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