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Christmas gift for you – world LoMaps for half the price!

19.12.2018 Michal Blog

It’s everywhere around us again. In the streets, shopping malls, TV, e-shops… Xmas trees, glittering decorations, carols, hordes of Santas…

And above all – Christmas sales! As you know very well, Locus has always celebrated this feast too. This year we won’t make an exception. We made an agreement within our team and also with some of our map partners and now we are offering

Christmas sale -50% on all LoMaps, SHOCart and Compass maps!

Beginning on 15th of December 2018 to the last day of this year on 31/12 you can download all map packages of these providers from Locus Store. And what can you get?

LoMaps – accuracy and wide choice of zooms all over the world

LoMaps are OSM based vector maps of the whole World. Optimized and maintained by our own map experts. You can change their content according to your activity – hiking or biking, skiing, traveling a city and driving a car. LoMaps can be zoomed to a great detail of 1:2.500 scale, contain a vast database of dynamic points of interest, address database and elevation data necessary for proper route planning. LoMaps are fully offline and are available in packages by countries, states or smaller regions.

LoMapy na tabletu i v mobilu

SHOCart – the best hiking and biking maps of Czechia and Slovakia

SHOCart has been a leading Czech cartography publisher for more than 25 years. Maps, zoomable to 1:50.000 scale, show marked hiking routes, biking routes as well as other hiking and tourist infrastructure (tourist huts, camps, sights, cableways, tourist information centers, …). Bike maps contain also classification of surfaces and a dense network of recommended biking routes virtually ridden on by riders-mappers. Discounted maps are available for downloading of freely selected areas and in readymade packages.

Download directly to Locus:

Compass – traditional hiking maps of the most attractive parts of Poland

This Polish cartography producer provides itsmaps exclusively in Locus. Maps of the most attractive tourist areas in Poland and partly in Western Ukraine contain precise, terrain-proved rendering with rich tourist content – hiking, cycling, horse-riding paths and trails, architectural and natural landmarks. Maps are available in offline packages and are zoomable to 1:50.000 scale.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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  • Stan Raaijmakers

    I bought a new smartphone. Locus has been transferred. The purchased tickets have not been transferred. How can I get it back?

  • sraj

    nedovolí mi stiahnuť SHOCart mapu Slovenský raj v akcii 115 L, vraj málo L, pritom mám 222L čo s tým

  • Michael

    Pro Sale?
    I’m a bit disappointed to not see a major of the pro version this year. Anyway, thanks for the great product which I regularly use

  • Sepo

    😭 please
    I hoped too for Christmas sale for Pro!

  • MBeat

    Dear team, year ago you promised christmas sale for PRO version. I’m disappointed, because I was wait for it.

  • Marco B.

    I’m waiting for the Christmas time Locus Map PRO offer since january and now I read that there isn’t. I’m very disappointed. SIGH. 🙁

  • So there is not a Christmas sale for PRO application? It is a very pity!!! I was hoped I could buy this gift for me and I even began to prepare my own maps using scans of the paper maps. Unfortunately, all of the maps from Christmas sale is absolutely not detailed in my region. Obviously, Santa Claus does not favor a people from ends of the Earth in the coming year 🙂