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Browse maps and control track recording with HW buttons in new Wear for Locus

4.4.2018 Michal Blog

Navigating your outdoor activities from your wrist is now even better – we’re introducing a new, enhanced Wear for Locus Map 1.1.It runs on all Android Wear and Wear OS smartwatches:

Browse the map and orient yourself better in the landscape

Besides zooming the map you can now shift the map to another position and see what is ahead or around your position:


You shifted map somewhere far away from your position? Tap the centering button and get back to where you started:


You know where you’re heading – the map rotates in your direction during navigation:


Wearing gloves? No problem, push buttons!

Touching the screen in winter can be troublesome. Usually you wear gloves and feeling in your fingers is clumsy. Pushing or rotating buttons can feel much more confident.

If your watch has a rotating side button, you can zoom the map comfortably


With push side buttons you can quickly center the map, switch it into the rotating mode or shift between menu screens. You can easily control track recording. Push side button to start, to pause recording or long-push to stop the track recording when you get home from the trip:


Spring is coming fast, so get your bike ready for your first ride!

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  • Mario

    Another vote for Great S3 🙂

  • dejal

    Does geocaching also transfer over to the watch? It would be nice to be able to keep the phone in my pocket when in the forest.

  • František Polena

    Dobrý den, připravujete West for Locus pro Samsung Gear 3 ? Děkuji za odpověď.

    • Locus team

      Dobrý den, zatím ladíme Wear for Locus pouze pro zařízení Android Wear/Wear OS, ale v budoucnu není vyloučeno, že se vrhneme i na Tizen.

  • brizak

    Jak je to v případě, že mám například zapnuté navádění ke keši? Vidím cíl a naváděcí čáru na hodinkách stejně, jako na mapě v telefonu?

    • Locus team

      Dobrý den,
      ano, naváděcí čára a cíl navádění jsou vidět na hodinkách stejně jako na telefonu.

      • Ivan

        Mohli by ste prosím navrhnúť ktoré chytré hodinky sú na to vhodné? myslím tým konkrétny typ napríklad ten na ktorom to propagujete . Ďakujem

        • Locus team

          Dobrý den, doplněk Wear for Locus funguje na všech hodinkách s operačním systémem Android Wear nebo Wear OS. Náš vývojář používá Huawei Watch 2.

  • Fritz

    Hi, would it work with Pebble Time Smart Watch?

    Thank you

  • Thomas

    Gibt es eine Anleitung zur Installation auf der S3?

    • Locus team

      Hi, Wear for Locus works only on Android Wear/Wear OS devices. S3 is a Tizen device.

  • UB

    Do I understand that right. Locus for Wear is only working if Wear device is connected to phone on which Locus is running? It can’t rund without this connection?

    • Locus team

      exactly, Wear for Locus is just an extension of Locus Map in your phone, not a standalone app.

  • Robert Gilmore

    Which Smartwatch are you using for the Wear for Locus Map 1,1 above ??
    Please let me know.

    Thanks Robert Gilmore

  • martin

    Dobrý deň, chcem sa opýtať, či smartwatch zn. Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch 2 podporujú túto novú funkciu skvelej aplikácie akou je Locus map. Ďakujem za odpoveď s pozdravom Martin.

    • Locus team

      dobrý den, Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch 2 nevyužívají Android Wear ani jiné otevřené platformy, běží na vlastním systému. Doplněk Wear for Locus funguje na operačních systémech Android Wear nebo Wear OS.

  • Jaroslav Murgaš

    Prosím Vás aké hodinky s veľkým displejom odporúčate k tejto aplikácie? Pokukujem po Garmin Fenix 5X. avšak majitelia si sťažujú na malý displej. Ďakujem.

    • Locus team

      Dobrý den,
      tato aplikace funguje pouze na hodinkách s operačními systémy Android Wear a Wear OS. Hodinky Garmin mají jiný systém a Locus Wear na nich nefunguje.

  • Gerhard

    +1 for a galaxy gear app. That would be perfect!

  • Holger

    Hi, thanks for developing this. Will this app require a GPS within the watch or is it also possible to use the GPS in the connected smartphone?

  • PIkay

    Which watches would you recommend or work fine with this new App?
    As I understood Samsumg Gear S3 would NOT work ..

    • Locus team

      You’re right, this add-on works only with Android Wear/Wear OS smartwatches. Samsung Gear S3 has a different operation system – Tizen. We consider developing a Tizen version too but not sooner than in two-three months.

  • Tomas

    Kdy se můžeme těšit na locus map na iphone?

    • Locus team

      Tomáši, tato varianta zatím bohužel není na pořadu dne, měsíce, ani roku. iOS neumožnuje, narozdíl od Androida, vytvořit Locus o stejné funkcionalitě a flexibilitě, takže o iOS variantě zatím reálně neuvažujeme.

  • Gerd B.

    Is it planned, to connect to wear os smartwatch sensors and store the data within the tracks, e.g. heartrate like btle heartrate chest belts?
    My Misfit Vapor has heartrate and altitude sensors.

    By the way, thank you for your very good app!

  • Tomas machalik

    Dobry den.

    Naistaloval som si danu aplikaciu wear for LM. Avsak neviem to rozbehnut na hodinkach samsung gear fit 3. Viete mi poslat prosim navod na instalaciu vytvorenu pre takeho idiota ako som ja. Dakujem

    • Locus team

      Dobrý den, doplněk Wear for Locus funguje na hodinkách s operačními systémy Android Wear nebo Wear OS. Hodinky Samsung Gear používají systém Tizen, který tento doponěk nepodporuje.

  • sl91

    Any hope for a Garmin watch app release ? i.e.Connect IQ app. These watches are really great !

    • Locus team

      Hi, there is always some “hope” :). But the question “when” still remains…