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Heart rate monitoring, tons of stats and adjustable dashboard in newest Wear for Locus

13.9.2018 Locus team Blog

We’ve been working on the Wear for Locus for a while and we can proudly announce it has grown up from the initial Beta version a lot. Check it out!

Monitor heart rate on your wrist and record it to Locus

As almost all Wear OS watches contain an HR monitor it’s been understandable its data should be processed by Locus. It wasn’t that easy to implement, however, now you can record your HR statistics with your tracks or monitor it in Wear for Locus in real time. Just switch this option in W4L settings:

Add waypoints to track recording and name them on the fly

Waypoints could be added to tracks while being recorded since the very beginning of W4L. Now you can name them right away after creating them – with the watch keyboard or by voice control:

Check new stats and adjust your watch dashboard

Each sports freak needs to monitor something else. One needs to check his average speed, another one his HR, cadence or elevation gain. Initial versions of W4L offered only basic stats. Now we added a lot more, including energy consumption or battery status.

Not all values fit in the small watch screen so the dashboard can be rolled down. And what’s more, the dashboard cells can be customized – you can select what values you need to see on what position. Just long tap the cell and confirm your selection:

So it’s high time to update your Wear for Locus and get out running/biking/hiking etc. Have fun!

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