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New handy Route Planner and simple Track Editor in Locus Map 3.26

11.10.2017 Locus team Blog

The most colorful outdoor season of the year is here. To make it more enjoyable for you, we prepared this new version with two  major novelties: handy Route Planner and Track Editor. There are of course some other nice improvements on top.

Route planning easier as never before

Although the vast majority of modern android phones have large screens, planning routes on a mobile is still not a comfortable matter. We have decided to change it. First of all, we completely re-designed the route planner screen.

Less buttons, better functionality


There is everything you need for quick and intuitive route planning:

  1. drawing mode  – here you can choose between manual drawing and automatic route rendering with routing profiles (bike, walk, car …)
  2. add/remove  routepoints
  3. back/forward – you can move in the steps of your drawing
  4. zooming buttons and the button positioning you in the center of the screen (centering button)

Bottom bar displays basic route statistics –  distance, positive and negative elevation. The bar can be slid up to show the current elevation chart in the Pro version:


Fast planning with shaping points

By tapping plus (add point button) you create so called shaping points  shape. You can add them also by tapping directly on the map. If manual mode is selected (default setting), a simple straight line is drawn between the points – this method is more suitable for easy distance measurement or for areas where routing data is not available:


The planner can create the route along the roads and paths automatically. You just need to select a drawing mode according to your activity.  Then, the route si drawn between the shaping points. If you choose walking, the route runs along footpaths, if you chose a bike the planner uses roads.


You can manage the route by freely moving of shaping points shape and auxiliary points aux_. Besides you control the elevation gain of the route in the bottom bar where the chart changes accordingly.

To navigate through certain places even during recalculation while driving, change the shaping point to the via-point – tap it and select “Change to via point“. The via-points, marked via, can be named – the name will then be heard in the voice navigation.


You can also add LoMap points of interest (POIs) to your route. Tap the point and select an option where the point should be located – at the start, in the middle or at the end of the route. Such a point is automatically marked as via point.



If you have your own points in Locus – your places of interest, geocaches etc. – or points that have to be especially defined (e.g. addresses), you can add them to the route as well. Open the route menu (top bar right corner) and select Add point:


Then, select My points if you want to pick from your own database or other ways of point definition:


Check detailed statistics for better results

Detailed statistics and elevation chart of the route plus estimated Travel time can be found in the route menu as well.

You can navigate along the new route simply by taping the Navigate button.

When your planned route is finished, it’s necessary to save it. In Route menu, tap Save route, name it and select the folder and activity.


If you want to abort all your editing, tap “Delete route” in the route menu.


Track editing with cool tools

Another good news is that we bring more options to edit your track or route:

1) to re-plan your route, just open it in the Route planner and go on as with a new route:


2) if you want to:

  • erase part of the track
  • split it in two
  • or insert a gap etc.

…use newly re-designed track editor. Just tap the track on map and select “Modify track“:



Cursor is placed on the spot of the track you tapped which pops up a label, showing trackpoint stats – distance from the start and from the end of the track, elevation gain etc.

  • pencil  editing tools
  • arrows  move the cursor along the track from one trackpoint to another for their precise selection.
  • +  –   Zooming buttons

The editing tools allow you to:

  • cut various parts of the track – inner part, from the start to the selected point or from the point to the end – useful for example when you forget to stop track recording of your the trip when you get the bike on your car roof rack and travel home.
  • If you have multiple day track record, you can split it in individual days.
  • You can also insert a gap for the case you traveled through a tunnel and want to hide the line connecting GPS-fixed trackpoints.


The editor allows also precise tuning of individual trackpoints – basic particles of the track. You can move them, add new or delete unwanted. Select a trackpoint, then Insert/edit trackpoint or Delete trackpoint from the Tools menu. The editable trackpoints surrounding your selection are highlighted trkpt and auxiliary points aux_. By shifting them you can change shape of the track:


All changes must be confirmed in the topbar.


Better user experience

We hope you’ll enjoy these renewed features as much as we do. And not just them – great majority of recent changes in Locus have been made in order to improve user experience. Among others let’s mention at least re-designing the point adding dialog. We rewrote all texts and added point import into it. Hopefully, this dialog is now much more comprehensible for both old and new Locus users:


And now, put your phone in your pocket and get outdoors! And don’t forget to take autumn-nature-colorful-leaves pictures and share them with us!

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  • Beno Meier

    That’s one of the best changes recently! Very nicely implemented. Thanks a lot.

  • Vladimír Blaha

    Supr. 👍 😊

  • Amazing work menion… as always. But the captcha on this comment form doesn’t work on Chrome mobile… needed to reload the desktop version of the page.

    • Locus team

      Hi, sorry about that… but it’s a WordPress plugin, we don’t develop it. Perhaps an update will help.

  • Jeremy

    Any way we can get the router to follow existing/visible user tracks when the router doesn’t know the route? Right now, I have to create 2 or 3 tracks and merge them together… it’s a bit cumbersome. This would be a dream feature for me!

    Thanks for creating the best Android app there is!!!!!