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Hi Locusers,

long time no see, but don’t worry. For a long six weeks, we worked hard for a new, highly improved version of Locus. What’s new?

Track record panel & recording profiles

Do you have a problems to control track recording during ride a bike? Or were you curious about current statistics (like these you have on a small bike computer)?

New side panel allows easy track record control together with ability to define which statistics you want to see (devices with Android 4.0+).

Also system for recording profiles has changed. In a new side panel, you define which profile will be used for current recording. Number of profiles is unlimited in Locus Pro, so feel free to define all possibility you may find useful.

Dashboard improvements

One of most wanted features on our Help desk is possibility to display altitude chart directly on a map. Since this version it’s possible. Dashboard system is extended for ability to display charts and also ability to define custom buttons that control track record. Screenshots say more:

We cannot forget Geocaching

Support for geocaching became one of most important features in Locus and we cannot forget it.

New version brings completely new side panel for better work with caches. Just use menu button or slide from left to display it. Side panel is mainly useful for work with multicaches, because it allows to edit new/existing waypoints together with reading listing and computing new coordinates. We are sure, you will love it!

There is also a lot of UI improvements, like support for emoticons in logs, better layout on main screen and more.

Support for sensors

Modern time comes with a lot of possible accestories. Locus now connect to more of them – new version finally allows reading Garmin CHIRF devices and also add support for BT 4.0 Speed & Cadence Bike sensors.

Other improvements

Title says ‘Others’, but it’s probably most important part from all news. We did a lot of optimizations in the Locus and we are happy to say that: maps are faster now, Locus needs less memory and we fixed a lot of existing problems.

Please, enjoy the new Locus version. There is a lot of news and we will be happy for bug/problem reports. We also like your emails where we may read what you like in the Locus.

Don’t forget to use our Help center if there is any problem!

And one big “surprise”, but about it later ;)

Locus Team

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