News in version 2.16.0

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Dear Locus users,

Is it true, the new version is coming!
Last 2.16.0 doesn’t come with huge list of new features but the changes are visible at the first sight.

New graphic interface

Almost all screens have new graphic layout. There is a “trend” of changes in last versions with goal to make Locus graphic interface closer to standard android layout. Locus has better appearance on tablets, buttons are bigger for better controlling in the field and screens in landscape mode offer more space.

Data manager screen in landscape mode

Data manager screen in landscape mode

Modules are gone new “More” panel is here

There was feature called modules until the last version. With this feature you were able to influence the number of features which will be available. We removed the mechanism of modules but on the other hand there is new “More” panel which is fully editable.
Do you want to hide some feature from “More” list? Go to the Main Menu > More > Edit a simply touch features you want to hide or show.

New "More" panel

Feature list in new “More” panel

Edit features in "More" panel

Edit features in “More” panel

Fixed issues

Of course new version solves some main issues. The navigation works with Mapquest, loading basic info about cache is fixed also as uploading lots of geocache logs at the same time.

External navigation and map application

Direct call of external navigation app is now grouped in section Map apps.

External navigation apps


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