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I use nothing else! A great app for all our outdoor activities, updates only make it better

Kevin Roulson

Class! Intuitive operation is quite different, but if the first hurdles have fallen, one discovers every time new. My "first choice" !!!

A Google user

Extremely complex, multifunctional, broad range of maps. Perfect for hiking and cycling in the nature, but also for sightseeing in cities.

A Google user

PCT wandered over 2600 miles so I hiked the PCT in the US from Mexico to Canada and have used for navigation Locus Pro. The US topo maps I had previously downloaded the app down and had next to the tracks and POIs on your phone and managed by locus (in combination with Total Commander). It went perfectly and was compared to my Garmin device sooo comfortable. I loved the app and paper cards that I had to safety while practically never used.

Bastian Schlagowsky

Super Vector Maps Super App! Precisely vector maps also allow outdoor vacations without online connection.

Vinzenz Lange

Best and Greatest This application is the best use on offline Map for All Android phone and to help all people.... I álways use this application Many year ...and now ,I thinks this is the best for using offline map on the world...( Gpx, Kml,KMZ ) , Vactor ,corodinate Paper map shieffile and many many of Map file types are can using with this....I really love this Application ..Thanks Developper and all of you ...Every body must take and use for Android phone Offline can see it this application is amazing map....

Brang Maran


Wide Selection of Maps and GPS Location

Locus Map provides various kinds of maps from all over the World for your mobile phone or tablet. Its wide portfolio offers hiking and cycling maps but also nautical charts or town plans. With GPS you always know your exact position.


GPS Navigation for your Biking and Hiking

Locus Map is the best choice for navigation on your bike or hiking trips. Import your own tracks and points of interest and let yourself navigate to your favourite destination. Locus Map is ready to fully replace your handheld GPS navigation and be your everyday assistant in the field.


Offline Maps

Using maps without an Internet connection is the basic idea of Locus Map. Locus Map offers downloading of offline maps of the whole World from Locus Store and also allows you to save some of the online maps to your device. Finally, you can import your own personal maps into the application.



Download geocaches and maps to your mobile and you can go hunting without data connection. Saved geocaches contain full listing, images and also logs of your friends. When hunting, you can choose between navigation over the map or using the compass.


Track Recording

It does not matter if you run, ride a bike or fly. With Locus Map you can record tracks of all your trips or sports training and track the speed and travelled distance. Each recorded track contains detailed information on the length, total time, but also, for example, data on elevation and elevation profile. Each track can be completed with your own points, photos, videos and sound recordings.


Own Points and Tracks

With this application you can quickly save interesting places as your own points of interest. It is no problem to import your favourite spots or routes that can be filtered afterwards and displayed on the map according to various criteria. The number of own points and tracks is unlimited and for better understanding the points and track can be organized into folders and groups.


About us

Locus Map is developed by an independent software company Asamm Software. We focus on the development of mobile applications for the Android platform. Our main products are the applications Locus Map Pro and Free that belong to the most popular and most downloaded applications in the Travel & Local section of the Google Play Store. Locus Map was independently tested and rated as one of the best applications for outdoor navigation.

From reviews...

"There is quite a lot of map displaying applications on Android Market. In spite of that fact Locus has been ranked among the best selling applications of the Travel&Local section in a relatively short period of its existence in the Pro version. The main reason is that this application that can be downloaded also in Free version (with slight limitations) is no longer just an online/offline map viewer, it offers a wide range of other useful features" ....